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Rider, now injured and bleeding, lies on the floor helpless.
She was originally considered to be a princess loved by humans, but Athena, jealous of their beauty, cursed Medusa alone, taking away her "faith from each and every person" and exiling her to the Shapeless Isle.
When Rider was cursed by Athena and exiled to the shapeless isle, despite not being cursed themselves they moved there due to their love for her.
It affects all targets within the owners field of vision, regardless of whether said targets are looking at the Eyes physically, or if they have their eyes closed but continue to view her with their mind's eye, as it is a curse to look upon.Take the first step towards a game of a lifetime!ABC is owned by Sydney Bass with.Rin Tohsaka Despite not possessing any true dislike or hatred for Rin, Rider is somewhat hostile towards Rin every now and then due to her love for Sakura and knowing of Sakura's inferiority complex towards Rin.While it was a "nightmare beyond nightmares it was not an evil vision that caused excruciating pain, but a pleasant dream of her sisters, paralyzing her with the joy of seeing those she thought she would never again meet.She uses jamaica jackpot number meaning this fighting style mostly with opponents she deems bothersome and or stronger than her, especially with highly skilled close range combatants such as Saber or Lancer.She was featured in the animated film Papillon Shin-chan I call for sleepiness!Rider assures Shirou that she was there not to kill him, but rather protect him.Shirou asks if this is also an order and Rider replies that it is not, but a personal whim of her own.Although littered with statues that had been warriors, they were harmonious for a time on the island, at one point receiving ruleta de guarnicionero her Pegasus from Poseidon.It is brought forth by slashing her neck with her dagger, allowing the blood to spray out and stop in the air to form a magic circle.

She tethers Saber and then drags Saber and she falls to the ground and keeps her there by planting her dagger into the ground. .Leaving them, she once again found herself alone, hungering for new sacrifices to replace her sadness and loneliness.Knowledge of the eyes render further attacks less potent, but it is not enough to allow Rider to go without Breaker Gorgon in their presence.Their nature is strong enough a mystery that Shirou mistakes the identity of Breaker Gorgon as the eyes themselves.Zouken Matou Rider hates Zouken greatly although to a slightly lesser degree than Shinji.The monster, out of its own will, became Medusa again and let itself be struck down.Thus Rider often has very comically traumatic flashbacks of them.

Today's Menu for Emiya Family Edit Rider appears frequently in Today's Menu for Emiya Family, usually alongside Sakura.
This implies that had Rider decided to help Shirou, Berserker would've been defeated more easily.